Art-shirts: artworks printed on t-shirts

Promoting art and the protection of the ocean

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a work of art and thus asserting your difference, while defending a noble cause?

Natural raw T-shirts

Natural raw T-shirts are made using undyed 100% organic cotton, which means that each one reflects the true colour of the cotton plant itself. The fabric is textured with tiny specks of the original plant, including seed particles, adding to its beauty and authenticity. With no dyes involved, it means fewer chemicals and up to 920% less water and energy. The purchase of these t-shirts is an eco-responsible gesture.

It is recommended to wash the t-shirts at low temperature and inside out.

White T-shirts

We have selected white t-shirts made exclusively with organic cotton, with a high weight (220 g) so that they last over time, not deforming in the wash, opposing fast-fashion and overconsumption. .

It is recommended to wash the t-shirts at low temperature and inside out.

Shipping cost:

7.50 € in France

18 € in other countries


Art must be accessible in different forms in order to be appreciated by the greatest number, in very varied circumstances and places. Hence the idea of art-shirts: quality, comfortable, eco-responsible T-shirts, on which some of Françoise Dagorn's works of art are printed.

Wearing an art-shirt also allows you to affirm your love for the oceans, to promote and support the preservation of marine fauna. By reaching a wider and more varied audience, Françoise Dagorn wishes to convey her message more widely: to raise awareness of the protection of the oceans through art.

For each art-shirt purchased, €1 is donated to the Live Together association, which aims to support enthusiasts internationally who work for a better coexistence between man and wild animal.

The making of t-shirts

Our T-shirts are made by a European company that works exclusively with organic cotton, grown in a way that does not harm people, animals and the environment. The cultivation of organic cotton consumes 91% less water than conventional cotton, in particular due to the absence of irrigation systems.

Our t-shirts are produced with GOTS and FAIR WEAR certifications, guaranteeing GMO-free, chemical-free parts, in compliance with the social standards of the World Labor Organization.

Printing T-shirts

For the sake of a short circuit, the digital printing of the t-shirts is carried out by a company located in France, 30 km from the artist's workshops. The printing company is GOTS certified, thus guaranteeing a GOTS textile from the cotton fields to the printing. The digital printing of Françoise Dagorn's works of art on the t-shirts is made with water-based inks for a 100% ecological printing. These water-based inks have the same durability as traditional inks, with better quality color rendering.

It is recommended to wash the t-shirts at low temperature and inside out.