Françoise Dagorn is a French painter. For 20 years, she had the chance to live in wonderful places (Seychelles, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Reunion Island, California), then came back to her native country. After these moments rich in multiple discoveries, painting naturally presented itself to her to draw attention to the beauty and fragility of marine ecosystems, delivering all that she felt in contact with these tropical islands and different cultures.

Françoise Dagorn's paintings transport us to all the oceans, inviting us to travel and escape. The marine animals dance in the water to move and exude a natural elegance. Fascinated by the harmonious shapes of these marine beauties, Françoise Dagorn adds a colourful, imaginary and luminous touch. She paints the shapes of these marine animals by bringing a tonic and lively aspect thanks to the gestures of the knife blade. Once a subject inspires her, she draws it and then comes the moment to create the relief that will give it life. The paint is then applied in parallel strips, superimposing a monochrome of improbable colours giving free rein to her figurative imagination. Her self-taught approach has given her the freedom to move away from standards and fashion trends and to create her own highly recognisable style. The originality of her creations allows her to reach a very large public and has opened up an international market for her.

By sharing her love for marine animals, she wishes to raise awareness about the protection of marine biodiversity: "Creating an emotion is a first step towards awareness and this is what guides my painting".


Respect, harmony, generosity: here are three words that guide my commitment. These are simple emotions that make all the happiness, like the joy of my children, a walk in the scrubland where the scents of rosemary and thyme invite us to organize a party of laughter with friends.

Sometimes, Men "forget" respect and generosity ... Everyone, on a small scale, can act to live in better harmony with others. Participating in solidarity events, large or small, remains a commitment that is dear to me.

I have always loved nature and animals. With us, dogs and cats occupy our living rooms. We share our lives with them, they remind us that we have inherited a wonderful planet and that humans and animals must succeed in living in harmony.

Why did I focus my artistic inspirations on marine life? Life came from the oceans. Despite their major role in the birth of our current world, the oceans are still poorly understood and fragile. Marine animals dance in the water to move and exude a natural elegance. By drawing attention to them, through my paintings with offbeat colors, I want to make the world aware of their beauty but above all their fragility.


Transport and arrival of the painting at the Prince's Palace in Monaco


H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco visited the University of Montpellier on June 15, 2021 to discuss the research conducted on nanosatellites and marine biodiversity. During this event, the President of the University, Mr Philippe Augé, offered my creation "From Chagos to Madagascar" to H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

This painting, combining acrylic and collage of marine maps, represents the beauty of marine mammals in the Indian Ocean, making a nod to the expeditions of Monaco that will soon criss-cross this ocean to study marine biodiversity.

The "Ecume" painting was sold for the benefit of the Banque Alimentaire de l'Hérault, a charitable organization working to collect and distribute food to the most vulnerable people in precarious situations. The funds collected will be entirely transferred to them.

Thank you @celairefrank for this solidarity initiative



I develop a new approach, where I replace my marine animals a little more in their elements ... I tear up then glue nautical charts on canvas, then I paint on top. Who does not travel while contemplating a nautical chart?

I had planned for the first time a solo event, but 2020 is the year when the world stopped due to Covid-19 ... This period, so sad and cruel for all the victims and their families, was an opportunity for me to get together with my family, think about professional projects, listen to nature. Take a break to start again, even more convinced that we must take care of our loved ones and protect our planet.

In this year "SOULAGES" the Artothèque Montpellier and the Maison Départementale de l'Environnement have organised an exhibition centred on black, GERM'IN NOIR at the Domaine de Restinclières in Prades-Le-Lez from 29th August to 11th October 2020. I had the chance to be selected for this beautiful exhibition with about fifty artists from various horizons, where I presented my painting specially designed for the occasion: Noir Marin

Watch TV Via Occitanie's report on the Germ'in Noir exhibition, where I am interviewed at the end.


It's a very eventful year! I exhibit in the best restaurant in Sète, at L'Arrivage at Jordan Yuste (Top Chef 2020), who was kind enough to host some of my paintings for a few months. Then, I participate in Printemps des Arts in Juvignac, in Place aux Arts in Montpellier, in Pyramid'Arts in La Grande Motte and finally, I am selected for the 3rd Contemporary Art Nature exhibition at the domain of Restinclières (34). I am proud to lend some of my works to the Artothèque Montpellier which gives them the chance to dress the places of many art borrowers.

Artistically, I am embarking on large canvases which offer less restrictive dimensions to my animals in freedom!


New artistic period, which coincides with the construction of my small workshop in my garden! I feel the need to give life to my animals on their web. The shapes round out, take on movement, and the water takes on multiple forms. I discovered a passion for painting the eyes of marine animals, so that they appeal to those who come to contemplate them.

October 2018: my first exhibition in Pezenas (34). It was an opportunity to meet fabulous artists who are still my friends. Above all, I feel the need to alternate personal moments of creation and moments of meeting with art lovers.

2016 & 2017

I assert a deliberately refined approach, to focus attention on the colors of the fish. The backgrounds of my paintings are united, of sober color, in order to bring out the unexpected colors of the animals that I paint. I receive my first orders for tropical fish: a recognition that gives confidence to the self-taught that I am. One of my collectors offers one of my paintings to the President of the Republic of Maldives!


After an assumed choice to stay at home and raise my two wonderful children, and after twenty years spent living abroad (California, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Reunion, Seychelles), I decide to recover to paint. What used to be a hobby becomes a passion. Quickly, I sell my first paintings abroad (USA, England, Maldives). It's decided, I am embarking on this activity!


During our first stay in the Seychelles, I discovered the practice of painting in the superb setting of the Alliance Française in Victoria. I never imagined that this discovery would guide me to a new professional life a few years later.