Series: Ocean Footprints

Ocean Footprints is a series centered on the simple beauty of water and its movements. The deliberate absence of marine animals invites viewers to explore and experience the ocean in a new and introspective way. It is an invitation to dive into yourself, to let yourself be carried away by the aquatic movements and to lose yourself in the hypnotic sweetness of the sea depths.

This series transcends the limits of realistic representation and invites an emotional and sensory experience. Each painting is an open door to a fascinating aquatic universe where the fusion of shades of blue and seabed effects envelop you in a feeling of calm and contemplation. This series encourages us to become actors in the artistic experience by encouraging us to draw on our memories, our imagination and our intimate connection with the ocean to bring each composition to life. She transports you to an abstract world where the beauty and mystery of the ocean are magnified, inviting you to lose yourself in the endless depths of artistic immersion.

Fragments insulaires

Acrylic on canvas and marine chart collage

Maui - Molokai - Lanai

100 x 100 cm


Acrylique sur toile

100 x 100 cm


Acrylic on vancas and marine chart collage

46 x 38 cm

Bleu fusion

Acrylique sur toile

46 x 38 cm

To buy or order:

Each painting is signed and countersigned on the back. Each artwork is supplied with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity.

To buy an original artwork or a reproduction on art paper, contact the artist directly.

You can also place an order for a personalised artwork that the artist will create especially for you. The artist will propose you an artwork resulting from the crossing of your desires and her artistic inspiration.