ART-SHIRTS : artwork printed on tee-shirts

Promoting art and the protection of marine biodiversity

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a artwork and thus asserting your difference, while defending a noble cause?

Free delivery for orders of 3 Tee-shirts or more!


Art must be accessible in different forms in order to be appreciated by as many people as possible, in a wide variety of circumstances and places. Hence the idea of art-shirts: quality, comfortable, eco-responsible t-shirts on which some of Françoise Dagorn's artworks are printed.
Wearing an art-shirt also allows you to affirm your love for the oceans, to promote and support the preservation of marine life. By reaching a larger and more varied audience, Françoise Dagorn wishes to carry her message more widely: to raise awareness about the protection of marine biodiversity through art.

For each T-shirt purchased, 1 € is donated to the Live Together association, which aims to support international enthusiasts who work for a better cohabitation between humans and wild animals.

The manufacture of T-shirts

Our T-shirts are made by a European company that works exclusively with organic cotton, grown in a way that does not harm people, animals or the environment. The cultivation of organic cotton consumes 91% less water than conventional cotton, especially due to the absence of irrigation systems.
Our T-shirts are produced with GOTS and FAIR WEAR certifications, guaranteeing GMO-free and chemical-free products, in compliance with the social standards of the World Labour Organisation.

Quality = sustainability

Quality is the best ally for the durability of a T-shirt and the reduction of its environmental footprint. We have selected T-shirts with a very high grammage (220 g/m2) so that they last over time and do not deform in the wash, opposing fast-fashion and over-consumption.

Printing of T-shirts

In the interest of short circuits, the digital printing of the T-shirts is carried out by a company located in France, 30 km from the artist's workshop. The printing company is GOTS certified, thus guaranteeing a GOTS textile from the cotton fields to the print. The digital printing of Françoise Dagorn's artworks on the T-shirts is done with water-based inks for a 100% ecological printing. These water-based inks have the same durability as traditional inks, with a better quality colour rendering.

Packaging and transport

The packaging labels for our t-shirts are made from recycled kraft paper, attached to the t-shirts with a linen tie.

We have chosen to use eco-friendly packaging, trying to use lightweight packaging to reduce the carbon footprint of transport.